Flashing lights 13 Joules

Quadro F12 / Quadro S

Quadro F12

  • industrial successor to the legendary Eiffel Tower light
  • design adapted to suit industrial requirements; mounted via concealed interior holes or external lugs; fast, flexible and secure
  • outstanding mechanical strength with IP 66,
    IP 67 and IK08;
  • whether in the open air, in a hailstorm or when high pressure cleaning systems are used, the Quadro stays sealed and signals reliably

Quadro S

  • automatic synchronised flashing light
  • a maximum of 10 flashing lights can be operated parallelly and synchronously over an unlimited time period; i.e. the flashes of all lights are generated simultaneously
Flashing lights 13 Joules Quadro F12 / Quadro S
Protection system
Protection system
Protection system
Protection system
Impact-proof housing
Impact-proof housing
Operating temperature
Operating temperature
Range as per EN 54
Range as per EN 54

Electrical dataQuadro F12
Rated voltage230 V AC115 V AC24 V DC
Rated frequency50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
Operating range195–253 V95–127 V18–30 V
Nominal current consumption250 mA340 mA700 mA
Initial current limited to<7 A / 150 μs<7 A / 150 μs<5 A / 2 ms
Electrical dataQuadro S
Rated voltage230 V AC
Rated frequency50/60 Hz
Operating range195–253 V
Nominal current consumption250 mA
Initial current limited to<1 A / 50 ms

Choose a lens in one of the following colours: clear, white, yellow, amber, red, green, blue

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Ordering detailsQuadro F12Quadro S
Lens colourRated voltage230 V AC115 V AC24 V DC230 V AC
clearArticle number21041101000210411610002104180100021042101000
yellowArticle number21041103000210411630002104180300021042103000
amberArticle number21041104000210411640002104180400021042104000
redArticle number21041105000210411650002104180500021042105000

Article numbers for further lens colours and voltages on request.