Applications for the food industry

Pfannenberg is definitely your competent partner for complex cooling tasks and demanding signaling technology in the food industry. High security classes of equipment and machines and corrosion-resistant construction materials resist even the most difficult ambient conditions.


Pfannenberg’s cooling units for door or side mount to cool the automation electronic on the outside of the measuring station and Pfannenberg’s filterfans to cool the controlling systems inside the measuring station: PF 4th generation, DTT 6601 and DTI/DTS 6301.

Kneading machine

Enclosure climatisation for the kneading machine with protected side mount for “outdoor” cooling units: DTS 3281

Packaging machine

Cooling of the mixing chamber with Pfannenberg chillers: RACK 2400WT

Drying the pasta

Cooling the electronics which control and steer the process of drying the pasta with PF 32.000 and PFA 30.000

Quality control equipment

Decentralized cooling with Pfannenberg’s compact cooling units and weighing and quality controls which have integrated status lights to monitor the functions: DTS 9031 and BR 50-LED-M

Product packaging

Cooling of the bag forming, filling and sealing machine and the shrink wrapping machine with cooling units and chillers: DTS 9031 and EB

Product labeling

Cool the enclosures on the labeling machines with filterfans and display the status of the machinery with signal lights PF 32.000 and BR 50

Carton packing machine

Cool enclosures with Pfannenberg’s stainless steel cooling units and IP55 protected filterfans with high air flow rate: DTS 3181 and PF 32.000 IP55