Safety for man, machine and the environment

Pfannenberg is your reliable and competent partner when it comes to visual and acoustic information, warning and emergency signals

Pfannenberg supplies the entire range of signaling technology from one source, regardless for which application and area of use you want to implement the device. Furthermore, we offer appropriate solutions that are customized to the relevant requirements of the various areas of signaling technology:

  • Indication, Warning, Alarm


Operation display of a machine informs the operator by means of a signaling device. These types of devices inform personnel who are nearby. These devices are not used for the indication of dangerous situations.

The signaling can, e.g. contain the following information:

  • status of a machine, process, test procedure
  • lack of ingoing material / material supply is in danger
  • quality defect, good / defective information
  • process has ended, standby position
  • notification and display of errors
  • display of room occupancy

Here you can see some of the right Pfannenberg solutions:


as a start-up signal for a machine. These types of devices warn about situations that could occur.

The warning can be executed for the following events:

  • caution: Critical status, proceed with caution
  • ready for handling
  • attention is necessary
  • dangerous situations can occur when no measures are in place
  • corrective action is necessary within a suitable amount of time
  • warning of economic and health damages
  • process is outside the normal operating limit but within an acceptable error limit
  • a status change is being executed

Reaction of the user: Monitor and / or take corrective action

Here you can find the right Pfannenberg solutions:


The evacuation alarm in case of a fire. Devices of this nature generate an alarm for emergency situations and have the highest priority.

The alarm devices can be used for the following events:

  • a dangerous situation has already occurred
  • danger of life and limb
  • acute health risk
  • risk for the environment
  • abnormal process status
  • exceeds maximum tolerance limits

Reaction of the user: Immediate reaction is necessary

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