When it’s about economy and long service life

With manufacturing space at minimum, machine packages have become smaller and liquid cooling has emerged as the most efficient and economical means of removing process heat. Liquid cooling is especially well adapted to hot, dirty environments.

Seven series for every application

  • Rack 1.1–2.4 kW

    Rugged and compact, the Rack series chillers offer a convenient and economical solution for liquid chilling applications with relatively small heat loads. Laboratory equipment, small lasers, and pharmaceutical packaging are a few of the many applications to which the Rack chiller is easily applied. See them all

  • CC 1.1–6.5 kW

    The chillers of the CC-series are available in 6 power classes and their compact design makes them especially space-saving. The chillers, which can also be installed as top-mounting devices, are safe and an installation in compact plants is made easier by their design. Additionally, they reach an especially high coefficient of performance (EER). And the UL 1995 certification makes them particularly interesting for machine manufacturers who work internationally. 6 different performance classes in just 2 sizes make it possible to make a flexible and late adjustment in the device you choose. This change can be effected in the planning phase and also during the operation of the plant without you having to dimension the essential connections or floor space again. Due to the number of available options, the CC chillers can be configured flexibly, this enables them to be used in virtually all industry sectors. The high system of protection IP 54 also supports the operation of the devices in harsh ambient conditions. See them all

  • EB 2.0 3–16 kW

    The EB 2.0 series offers 5 preset configurations in 7 cooling capacities to easily meet a wide range of applications. We capitalised on our decades of experience in the industry to develop a new series of chillers designed to ease the selection and installation of your liquid cooling solutions. The EB 2.0 series is composed of innovative products of high quality, the design of which has been realised through the use of advanced components with the dual objective of ensuring maximum performance and optimum energy efficiency. See them all

  • EB Large 19–40 kW

    Specifically developed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s industrial applications, the EB Extension chillers allow higher cooling capacities in the smallest possible footprint. With a long list of standard features and many available options, Pfannenberg’s EB Extension Series provides the best choice for recirculated cooling of machinery, hydraulics, automation components, etc. See them all

  • EB eXTreme  36–150 kW

    Pfannenberg introduces a new product series to extend our portfolio with a new extreme performance range up to le 150 kW in cooling capacity. The EB eXTreme consists of nine units in three different housing sizes following our high-level standards in efficiency, compact design and innovation in chiller technology.See them all

  • EB OIL 3–40 kW

    Technology and performance common to all EB series are here addressed to all the applications in which the process liquid is an oil or an emulsion with high viscosity. The majority of machine tools has a hydraulic circuit to be cooled. Depending on the temperature desired by the customer, it is possible to cool these process fluids directly with a standard solution or through an intermediate water/oil exchanger. The direct exchange is possible for all the cases in which the desired temperature is between 20 and 35 °C. See them all

  • PWW 9–24 kW (passive)

    The PWW series is a new generation of cooling units based on the passive cooling principle. It has been specially designed for applications where process water is already available. Process water flowing through the integrated heat exchanger on the primary side will be regulated to keep the cooling water on the secondary side at a stable temperature. Due to the smart design of the closed loop circuit the PWW can be easily adapted to the existing water supply. See them all


Pfannenberg’s chillers guarantee a central and cost-effective provision and cooling of the media water, emulsion and oil. All the cooling tasks are realized with devices which are both compact and maintenance friendly. The areas of application for Pfannenberg’s chillers range from machine tools, lasers, plastic processing and alternative energy to the food, drinks and pharmaceutical industry.

The Pfannenberg group offers a variety of designs for your specific tasks:

  • Oil or water chillers
  • Pressurized chillers
  • Passive chillers
  • Outdoor for low and high temperature conditions
  • Standalone designs
  • Enclosure chillers


Expertise in process cooling

In this day and age, if you want to be the best in process cooling, you have offer more than just superior quality. The ability to partner with customers and sharing competence, as well as offer excellent service is an absolute must - and that requires the highest level of innovation and technology.

  • From the idea to the product

    No matter whether it is a question of air conditioners or large projects, standard solutions or individual developments, your problems and activities will be in good hands with us. We can guarantee you a face to face meeting on site. Using successful solutions, we would like to introduce our company as a solid, flexible and reliable partner.

  • Everything from a single source

    Within a prescribed period, innovative technology is developed and successfully implemented. For target markets, we not only carry out development together with our customers, but also provide consulting for installation and project management.

  • Process chiller design

    Pfannenberg process chillers are designed based on three main areas: the refrigeration circuit, the hydraulic circuit and controls.

    Refrigeration circuit

    The refrigeration circuit‘s main purpose is to guarantee the heat transfer from the medium, which is passing through the evaporator and therefore, to cool the particular medium down to the desired temperature for the particular application. The heat, which is transferred from the medium to the refrigerant is then carried back to a compressor and then passes on to the different phases of the refrigeration cycle. This is an continuous cycle, which we are rejecting heat (condenser) and in wich we are absorbing heat (evaporator).

    Hydraulic circuit
    The hydraulic circuit is specifically designed to deliver a certain medium at a calculated flow rate, temperaure and pressure to the consumers‘s application. The flow rate, temperature and pressure varies based on the particular application.

    In order to guarantee the accurate delivery of the medium to the consumer‘s application, proper controls are necessary.
    For example, a standard method of controlling a temperature is by using a digital controller with a medium sensor and based on the set-point, will control the refrigeration circuit in order to maintain the accurate temperature for the particular application.

    There are many methods of providing accurate controlling of the refrigeration and hydraulic circuits and these are based on the application criteria. At Pfannenberg, we have the competence to provide consultation to determine sizing and ensure proper configuration of a process chiller in order to meet your application needs.

  • The perfect solution...

    High-tech machines need high-tech components and systems, such as:
    • spindle, linear and torque motors
    • all types of motors
    • laser souces
    • print systems
    • x-ray tubes

    Heat is created wherever these items are in use, in addition to the ambient termperature which in some areas can be very high during certain seasons. This must be controlled since too much heat leads to machine failure or shutdown, in turn causing a loss of production.

    Wherever precise, exact temperatures are required, water is a proven cooling agent and it is impossible to imagine cooling whithout it. This is where chillers are used. Chillers produce cold water (+10 °C – +35 °C) as a cooling agent – or bring water, oil and emulsions to the exact temperature required.

  • ...whatever the application

    Our many years of experience from across such varied industries as the cooling of complex machine tools and machining centers, colour systems for printing presses, glue and colour cooling for wood working machines, welding systems for plastic film for packaging machines, laser sources for marking lasers, x-ray tubes for measuring systems all combine to guarantee precision and quality. Our successful engineering team is constantly developing and improving chiller technology. We are also your competent partner for custom-made and special solutions.

Cost-efficiency Master Plan

We secure your future with our modern philosophy

Pfannenberg subscribes to a corporate philosophy which focuses on the concerns and objectives of the users with respect to cost efficiency. This starts during the planning phase and extends far beyond the operation phase.
Furthermore, Pfannenberg is one of the few suppliers who can supply a complete solution, i.e. a chiller solution as well as the complete handling and maintenance of your cabinet thermal management.

  • Pre-sales

    The right product at the right time – at Pfannenberg, service starts even before delivery. An analysis of the business environment, of the objectives and of the technology which the user has available is our investment in a sustainably successful cooperation.

  • Concept design

    Design that is perfectly adjusted to your application.

  • Installation and start-up operation

    Pfannenberg offers support in the installation and start-up operation of the chiller at your site. This ensures a smooth start and contributes to extending the long service life of the chiller.

  • Coaching and service

    Training courses by Pfannenberg experts, in combination with customised maintenance and repair packages, ensure that your production processes run smoothly and guarantee longer service life.

  • Energy efficiency

    Our chillers achieve top grades in energy consumption.

  • Reliability

    More than 20 years of experience in the field of recooling and the use of high-quality components ensure optimum long-term stability and top MTBF (mean time between failures).

  • Service friendliness

    Minimum MTTR (mean time to repair) and the shortest time needed to replace units thanks to perfect accessibility, standardised parts and a carefully thought-through plug-and-play concept minimise your repair costs and downtimes.

Benefits: risk minimisation and cost saving

Pfannenberg’s master plan as described above spells crucial benefits for manufacturers and users. After all, Pfannenberg makes sure that the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your components is considerably reduced while your return on investment (ROI) receives.

The 100% system solution for all branches of industry

The Pfannenberg chillers offer decisive advantages in combination with the Pfannenberg air/water heat exchangers:

• in applications where power losses must not enter the surrounding space
• if aggressive ambient air restricts the use of conventional cooling units
• if a very high IP system is required (up to IP 65)
• if maintenance-free cooling units are necessary